A little about me…


I want to encourage women to lead an active, healthy and happy lifestyle. I will be offering personal training on my website (coming soon!!), nutritional guidance, motivation and support to keep you moving!
It was only a few years ago that I discovered the magic of exercise, before this I hadn’t really stepped into a gym. I played some sports at school and I was generally fairly active, I loved swimming in particular. However, once I left school I didn’t really exert myself physically. I didn’t play sports anymore, I didn’t exercise (even though I had discounted gym membership through work), I just never really cared or thought about it.
Fortunately, things changed a few years ago. I entered a gym for the first time (in a very long time) with the same idea everyone else has around the first week of January. I had decided that I wanted to get fit and as I was leaving my 20’s perhaps it was time that I took more care of my body. I also wanted something to keep me busy in the evenings after work so that I wouldn’t sit around at home watching crap on T.V. (Crap T.V still watched unfortunately but I do a hell of a lot more with my spare time now).
What I discovered after stepping into that gym for the first time pretty much changed my attitude from then on. I got a personal trainer, I learnt as much as I could and discovered a hidden rush for something I never even knew I could be passionate about. People are not lying when they tell you that the endorphin’s released through exercise make you feel incredible – it really is true! I found a new sense of self. I felt I had purpose. I felt more confident, strong, more energetic, even my sleep improved! My days felt fulfilled and alongside it I was treating my body better, toning up and feeling great!
With My Body By Jessica I want to pass on the confidence and strength that I have gained from working out and inspire other women to do the same. All you need is a little motivation, encouragement and direction from someone, who just like you, once upon a time had never stepped into a gym before.
Follow me and I can help show you the ropes, I promise that you can look and feel better in no time. This is the only body you’ll have so learn to love it and treat it right.

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