Curves in all the right places

The original Cave Girl Raquel Welch showing off her incredible hour glass figure

To me there is nothing more beautiful than a shapely feminine figure.  Throughout history an hourglass figure has been desired and lusted after by many and I’m an avid believer in trying to keep your feminine curves while staying fit, healthy and active.  If you are trying to lose weight or you want to create curves where you feel you don’t have any, it is possible with the right diet and exercise routine.

While choosing to live a healthy lifestyle we should remember to love our feminine curves!  As some of you may well know too much exercise and crash dieting can destroy your body’s metabolism and sudden weight-loss can cause your body to look deflated and under-nourished, as well as leave you feeling physically exhausted.  However, by eating healthily and exercising regularly you can actually enhance your curves.  Trust me, it is actually possible to sculpt your body into the shape you want without the epic cost of plastic surgery or liposuction(!).

More recently, we have seen a shift towards healthier-looking bodies being celebrated in the media and celebrities with particularly shapely derriere’s seem to grab a lot of the attention.  Although, I cannot say whether these celebrities are au naturelle or have enhanced their curves surgically, in some ways I suppose it is encouraging to see that the days of the waif and almost child-like proportions are behind us.  No pun intended…

JLO’s booty has its own cult following

If you would like a bootylicious booty created by yours truly then please follow my *Bootylicious Workout (coming soon)! Training your legs and concentrating on the glutes can give you fantastic curves.  Using exercises that isolate the glutes such as barbell hip thrusts you can grow your gluteus maximus.  The glutes are the largest (surface area) muscles in the body and are ones that are rarely activated going about everyday life.  In order to engage your brain with your glutes it is best to start by warming up the hip joints with leg swings before beginning the attack on the muscles to build a firmer and more pert bottom.

Jen looking amazing

A combination of resistance training and HIIT (high intensity interval training) will help to define your muscles and lose weight in your desired areas (see my Bodacious Body Workout – also coming soon)!.  Training your glutes will lift your bum and make it more round.  Working your triceps will help you to lose any bingo wings and gain Jennifer Aniston arms (my personal arm-spiration – follow my 7 steps to Slender Arms Workout – be patient I will release all workouts eventually, this is all a work in progress).  You can also wind down your waist line with abdominal exercises focusing on the obliques (see my Waist Shaper Workout for beautiful abs).

With hard work, consistency, dedication and a healthy attitude towards life and your body goals you can achieve your ideals.  No one said it would be easy; the time, the effort, the pain but it will all be worth it in the end.  Just remember that we are all unique and each one of us has a different body shape and size, so there is no point in comparing yourself to others.  Be motivated, be inspired and wish to better yourself.


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