Protein Shake Review: SunWarrior Classic Protein, Chocolate flavour

SunWarrior Classic Protein: Raw Vegan Sprouted & Fermented, Chocolate flavour; £20.49

sun warrior 500gr chocolate
SunWarrior Classic Protein Raw Vegan Chocolate – 500g

SunWarrior create super-foods made from plants that are good for your health.  Their vegan protein powder is made from whole grain brown rice, raw cocoa and sweetner  and contains 16 grams of protein per 21 gram (1 scoop) serving.  It also contains 9 essential amino acids which cannot be produced by the body and therefore must be supplied within out diet, and these assist with the bodies metabolic process.

I am not a vegan but I wanted to try this product after reading a positive review on my good friend Alicia’s site Editors Beauty and after doing my own research on the internet looking for an as natural as possible protein powder that didn’t break the bank.  Sunwarrior was consistently mentioned in many blogs and reviews for being a good vegan alternative protein powder.  The taste is ok (protein powder’s are not the tastiest of drinks as you may know) and it mixes smoothly, it’s a little gritty but not unbearable in any way.  On a taste level this is fine.  I haven’t dared to try any natural flavoured protein powders as yet because I’m aware that without the sweetner they might taste horrendous and I don’t want to spend my money on something I can’t stand to drink.

Did I see results? It’s hard to tell really.  All I can tell is what this packet tells me I am giving my body and that appears to be a lot of good, healthy nutrients.  I think if you are looking for a vegan brand then this is a great product, the taste is fine, it mixes well with no lumps and there are loads of amino acids thrown in.  The protein per serving is not huge but the ingredients are kept simple and the energy content is low so you are not going to be bulking on the weight by adding in the protein shake after a work out.  I think it’s a nice alternative to a whey product and I would certainly recommend it to any vegans out there.

I bought mine here:

Evolution Organics

3 thoughts on “Protein Shake Review: SunWarrior Classic Protein, Chocolate flavour

  1. Still never tried any Sunwarrior products but they seem to be quite popular. Unflavoured pea protein is the one you want to avoid…oh my…it’s vile! Regular unflavoured whey isn’t actually that bad, it’s got a bit of a milky after taste, still better of flavoured though! 🙂

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    1. mybodybyjessica

      I’ve heard!! Definitely will be avoiding the unflavoured pea protein. I’m currently test driving Reflex Peptide Fusion, banana flavour and will eventually do a review on that too. Tastes like banana flavoured sweets!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nice, Reflex do some nice stuff. Chocolate Gaspari Myofusion is my favourite of all time but costs a fortune.


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