What to expect when you want to change your body – seriously!

This blog post is for those of you who have had that same epiphany that I had a few years ago when I decided I should look after and love my body more.

After many years of not looking after my body i.e. not working out, or dieting to extremes, or taking the pill and not realising how much it effected my weight and appetite at the time, or binge eating and feeling guilty yet still never exercising…. After all of this and through trial and error, I have worked out what my body can and cannot handle.  It’s taken me years but when I started training at the gym I found something that not only helped me tone up those areas that I felt self-conscious about but also lifted my mood and made me so much happier within myself.

Having a Fitness Ephinany!!!

So you’ve had the epiphany?  What next?  You get yourself a Personal Trainer!  I cannot stress how important it is that you have someone guide you through the process of changing your body and your diet.  Yes, shameless promotion but in all honesty this is how you will have the motivation to change.  A Personal Trainer can sit you down and take you through your goals and what is motivating you to make these changes, holding your hand every step of the way.  With a nutrition plan and training program a Personal Trainer can also help to make sure that your form is correct and therefore prevent injury.  Of course a Personal Trainer will also motivate and encourage you to do one more rep, lift heavier, or push harder for one more minute!  A Personal Trainer can give you real and honest insight into your daily routine and where the changes need to be made.

So you’ve hired your Personal Trainer.  Do not take your foot off the pedal just yet.  Yes your Personal Trainer is there to advise you on nutrition, exercise, your goals and support you when you work out together BUT and this is a HUGE BUT, it is you, yes YOU who will have to put the effort in to make those changes happen.  It is only you who holds that fork to your mouth.  It is only you who does your weekly shop and decides what goes

download (1)
This actually makes me feel sick looking at it

in the basket.  It is only you who decides how much food should be on your plate and what it should be made up of.  It is only you who decides whether they will be doing jaeger bombs on a Friday night and cancelling their workout session the next day.  It is only you who decides that just hiring a Personal Trainer is enough and no other effort needs to go in….


Although you may think that you’ve found a solution now because you’ve hired a Personal Trainer you are not there yet.  So you’re doing 2 sessions a week and they’ve given you a nutrition plan, and you’re thinking you will definitely be fitting into that bikini you bought for your holiday in Santorini in 2 months time….. Two sessions a week with a trainer and vaguely following a nutrition plan/kidding yourself that you are “being good” is not going to help you see any changes in your body.  Believe me.

If you really want to see improvement you will need to put the extra effort in.  That means heading down to the gym without your trainer, or going for a run and really watching what you eat.  Be honest with yourself and expect it to be hard work, looking good isn’t easy.  Ok, I admit I think some people are genetically blessed with longer, leaner limbs or a faster metabolism BUT even if the genetically blessed lay around all day, eating rubbish they too would become un-toned, wobbly and unfit too.  It is all a matter of priority.  What is important to you?  If you really want to feel better and look good then SERIOUSLY – Make – Those – Changes. It is all within your control.

So we’ve established that just hiring a Personal trainer isn’t enough and that you have to control your life outside of being with your trainer.  Although you may love to have your Personal Trainer trailing around after you all day every day telling you what you can or can’t eat, that just isn’t feasible.  You have to parent yourself, like a big girl.

What’s next then?  WEIGHTS!!!!  If you want to overhaul your body you need to be lifting weights. Along with incorporating some cardio or HIIT, weights are crucial.  You know why weights are crucial?  Because quite simply they help sculpt your body and burn more fat over an extended period of time.  Lifting weights will help eliminate cellulite, tone you up, lose weight, burn more calories and generally help change you into that awesome person you’ve been dying to be all your life!

No idea who this is but she looks awesome!

I respect anyone who makes an effort to get to the gym or goes outside and just moves because it’s doing you good.  However, IF you want to seriously change your body there is no point in kidding yourself that by just gently swinging backwards and forwards on the ellipitical trainer for 20 minutes every now and then is going to make any difference to your body.  Routine and consistency is key. And no weightlifting won’t make you manly.  In order to gain enough muscle mass to look bulky you would have to be eating an awful lot of protein, and I mean giant amounts.  The kind of changes I am talking about here are not for body builders, I’m talking about the girl next door wanting to tone up.  The every day girl who wants to look HOT and fit into her jeans and look good in that slip dress.  This is for you.  It still requires work but it IS achievable and it’s all in your control.

A Personal Trainer is pretty much essential to help you lift weights correctly and target the areas of your body you want to work on.  You must be careful when lifting weights so as not to injure yourself and this is where a Personal Trainer can help you correct your form.  A Personal Trainer will give you the confidence to step into the weights section and eventually you will be able to go on your own and know what you are doing.  I think this is the main reason why women shy away, it’s not necessarily that we think we will get big, it’s that we have no idea what we are doing.

So to summarise, take that epiphany and run with it.  Get a Personal Trainer, get focused and expect to WORK HARD but eventually you will get that banging body you’ve always wanted.





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