Monsoon Gym & Fight Club, Koh Tao

I went to stay at Monsoon Gym & Fightclub in Koh Tao in March/April of this year.  The gym focuses on Muay Thai training but also offers Jujitsu, Western Boxing and a Gladiator HIIT workout.  I went to learn Muay Thai having never watched any Muay Thai or kicked anything in my life!

Sairee Beach Koh Tao

Monsoon is located on the beautiful island of Koh Tao in Thailand, just a stroll away from Sairee Beach. I chose to stay in the fight dorm which consists of about 6 bunk beds, it’s mixed and is the perfect way to make friends and meet everybody.  Everyday at 8am the trainers start playing some kind of music, often strange sounding Thai songs (one I remember with the words sexy lady it was bizarre for a fight club but it really gives the place character). You begin with skipping for 10 minutes before getting your hands wrapped and then doing some shadow boxing.

Korat wrapping my hands

Once you have chose your gloves you are either paired with a trainer who wears protective gear (so you can punch and kik them!) or you practise punching and kicking the bags around the gym. The trainers coach you to kick, knee, elbow, punch, hook, jab etc all in 3 minute rounds and it’s exhausting! The sweat is pouring off you like you’re standing under a shower. After an hour of training on the pads and bags you are told to get on one of the bags and do 100 kicks or 100 knees in a row.  Your body takes a battering but you get used to this after a while.  The session finishes off with some stretches where each member of the session comes up with a stretch for the group.

muay thai 2
Learning to kick

Muay Thai starts again at 4pm everyday too.  I trained twice a day because I was on a mission to feel better after living off banana bread at my brother’s house in Australia. In 2 weeks I felt fitter, more energetic and I had lost some body fat.


Monsoon is a fantastic place and I cannot recommend it enough.  Along with the training there is also a fully equppied indoor, airconditioned gym. There is a kitchen onsite so you can make your own food. The trainers would often cook in the evening and offer us all sorts of spicy interesting Thai dishes along with shots of Thai whiskey and Hong Thong & soda. We would spend the evenings sitting around the gym chatting, watching the trainers playing their guitars or listening to Thai pop music. It has a real sense of family and belonging. I made friends there for life.

You are encouraged to train everyday and with everyone in the dorm being there for roughly the same reasons you feel motivated to get up and join in. If you are looking for an active holiday Muay Thai, boxing or MMA training camps sre the perfect solution. You meet a tonne of people, you workout everyday, you’re in the sunshine, with a beach nearby and nightlife if you want it. They work out very cheaply too if uoi choose to stay on site at the gym, it’s also the best way to meet people.

I’ll be back to Monsoon definitely.

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