Waist Shaper Work Out

Want to wind your waist down?  Want abs?  Want to get those sexy oblique muscles popping?  Then these exercises will help to strengthen your core and bring that toned tummy to the surface.  Of course diet is of the utmost importance, as they say “abs are made in the kitchen“.  Although your diet is the true ingredient to showcasing your abs it is imperative to build a strong core because a strong abdomen can help you in many more ways than just being aesthetically pleasing.

Carving out your core can benefit you in the following ways:

Prevent Back Pain

Your abdominal muscles help to support your spine, they could even be viewed as the anchor to your spine.  Having weak abdominal muscles can often lead to back pain, because these muscles support the spine if they are weak or compromised it causes the supporting muscles i.e. your back muscles to work harder thus causing you back pain or lower back pain.  By strengthening your core you can help prevent this and help balance out the front and back of your body.  Many of us sit slumped at desks all day unaware of how our negative posture is affecting our spine and our abs.  We need to sit tall and upright, without an arched back.  Sitting on a stability ball in the office helps force your body to engage the core as it works to control the instability caused by the ball. 

Prevent Injury

A strong core is the perfect foundation to prevent injury.  Our abs help to stabilise the body and maintain a good posture.  It may appear that our legs or arms are doing all of the work but it is actually our core where most movements begin, in an inward to outward motion.  A solid core helps to control these movements in a pain and injury free way.

Good Posture

A good posture makes you look confident and in control.  By bolstering your abs you will sit better and walk more confidently.  This helps to prevent injury and muscle strain.

So let’s get started with the Waist Shaper Workout!


Lie with your back on the floor and you hands behind your head, find a spot on the ceiling or wall in front to focus your eyes so that you keep your neck and spine neutral and don’t use these muscles to pull yourself up. Focus on your abs and lift your upper back off the floor squeezing your abdomen.



Lie with your back on the floor and your hands behind your head and with both feet off the floor bring your knee towards the opposite elbow and switch sides, you should be resembling a cycling motion.



Lie on your back and place your hands underneath your bum to support your lower back and lifting both legs a few inches of the floor move your feet up and down.  Or move round in circles one direction and then the other.

flutter kicks


Lie with your back on the floor and your arms straight above your head and bring both your arms and legs up together to form a V shape.



Lying with your back on the floor in the same position as the V-Up however this time you will bend your legs as you bring them towards you, like the crunch, while you keep your arms straight as you bring them in.

Pike Crunches


Lie face down and prop yourself up onto your forearms and lift your feet onto your toes.  Pull in your tummy and keep your bum down and hold this position for as long as you can.



Lying on your side raise yourself up onto your elbow and prop your feet up on top of each other or place one foot slightly in front of the other for more stability.  Hold this position or dip up and down bringing your hip to the floor.

side plank


Lying face down prop yourself up on your hands and feet so that you are almost planking but leaning on your hands instead of your forearms.  Bring your knee up to the elbow on the same side and repeat on the other side.  This can almost be done in a running motion.

mountain climbs


Sitting on your bum lean back at an angle where you can feel tension on your abs, have your legs slightly bent in front of you or raise them off the floor to make the exercise harder and twist from side to side, touching the floor either side of your body.

Romanian Twists


Back in the plank position jump your legs in and out repeating the motion.

plank jacks

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