Motivational Monday: Tony Robbins!

Feeling in desperate need for some refreshing motivation? Feeling like life is weighing you down? If this sounds like you Tony Robbins is your guy!  Get some great motivation that is both free and easily accessible!

So who is this Tony guy?

Tony Robbins is an American author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and life coach, all fields he is extremely successful in and recognised worldwide for. He is known for having a massive heart and a passion to help stop suffering across the world. This is the man behind many extraordinary people such as Bill Clinton, Serena Williams, Mike Tyson and mother Theresa. That definitely was not a spelling error Tony Robbins has coached THE mother Theresa !! With so many of his motivational talk available on YouTube he can coach you too!

I believe a great morning routine sets you up for a great day! Almost every day I listen to one of Tony Robbins talks which vary in topics from how to stop doubting yourself, how to shift your mindset, how to be fulfilled, business advice, the list goes on. And as Tony always says this isn’t self-help mumbo jumbo this is real life advice. Tony Robbins gives you suggestions on how to make changes to your life that you can practically implement into your daily life and I can confirm if you stick to it, they really do work!

Here are 3  key things Tony Robbins teaches

Change your mindset!

Sometimes life throws at us situations that are simply out of our control. One think we can have control over is our mindset. How we react after these situations. Whether we decide to mope around or see a situation as a lesson and move on! Tony Robbins suggests the best way to live a happy and fulfilled life is to change your mindset. Next time someone throws you lemons make some damn good lemonade! In other words, make the best out of a situation!

Always aim to progress!

We all know that amazing feeling of completing a goal, whether it’s finally lifting that heavier weight, finishing that marathon or even just the little things in life. Always aim to have goals and targets to reach, the more you progress the happier and more fulfilled you will feel! Remember to celebrate your progress, everything is a process just keep moving onwards and upwards! 

Raise your standards!

Tony Robbins often speaks very definitively, he makes the goals he wants to achieve a MUST. He finds a driving force as to why he has to achieve a certain goal, what’s your driving force?  His determination is admirable and is certainly what has gotten him this far in life. Tony Robbins is known for giving some brutal truths that we all need to hear. If you say you want to make a change, could be stop smoking, creating a business, lose weight etc, make that goal a MUST. You simply will not settle for anything less. With this same attitude soon enough, you will not only give yourself the best, but you will only accept the best!

Contributed by: Mayfield Ngondonga Blogger @ Unsuccessfully Cliche

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