4 top tips to stay motivated throughout your fitness journey

By now we all know that reaching your dream body or even just getting on track with your health and fitness is not something you can take short cuts with. This means a lot of consistency, patience and motivation is needed. Here are a few tips that will help keep you focused and motivated on reaching your fitness goals!

Keep a log of your progress

Sometimes it can be discouraging when you have been going to the gym on a regular basis, eating clean, detoxing, doing everything by the book! … yet still you look in the mirror and nothing much has changed! This is why I think it’s important to keep a fitness log. Measure your waist, hips, thighs, biceps anywhere you want to lose or gain weight and every 2 weeks measure again. I think this is a much more accurate way to track your progress. It’s hard to see the little changes when we look at ourselves every day, but it’s important to celebrate the small achievements, that 1 inch you lost off your waist is an inch closer to your goal!

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As much as you want to improve your appearance it’s also important to track how you are feeling. If your energy levels are low and you are constantly grumpy perhaps it’s time to change your eating habits or your training routine. Keeping track of this allows you to know when your right on track to a healthier lifestyle! 

Don’t focus on the number on the scale

A big mistake a lot of us make is every morning running down the stairs like it’s Christmas to jump on the scale. Just as staring at a cake in an oven won’t make it bake faster staring at the scales daily won’t speed up your weight loss and can in fact just discourage you. If you start lifting weights you may gain weight because muscle is denser than fat, however you are probably looking a lot leaner! As long as you are at a healthy weight and feel healthy that is the most important thing! Enjoy the process.

Try new things and experiment!

If you have been on a strict diet for weeks on end you will know how boring it can get. Automatically when you think of healthy eating you probably think “oh dear I’ll be eating lettuce and broccoli for weeks”. We have to change our mindset towards healthy eating in order to really see a change and stick to it! There are so many delicious healthy meals out there instead of sticking to a plain salad, look up different meals and challenge yourself to try a new recipe and vamp up your cooking skills!  You will not only start to enjoy eating healthy, but you will also be more consistent, meaning faster progress! Along with your eating change up your workouts, instead of heading to the treadmill for an hour, try some weighted exercises or even some workouts simply using your own body weight. For workout ideas head over to Lux Wellbeing on YouTube where you can get a variety of simple beginner friendly workouts!

Get inspired!

In anything you want to achieve it’s a great idea to have someone to look up to that inspires you. Find someone such as a gym partner, a personal trainer or even a youtuber that you can relate to. Lots of people are now posting their fitness journeys on YouTube, watching these videos can be a great reminder that if anyone else can do it so can you! No two people are the same therefore what works for one person may not work for you. Be inspired but never compare yourself, focus on yourself and you will get there!

I hope these tips help you stay motivated and focused on your goals.

Happy Motivation Monday!!!

Contributed by: Mayfield Ngondonga Blogger @ Unsuccessfully Cliche

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