Motivational Monday: Invest in Yourself

How much time do you invest into your own health and wellbeing? I’m sure the answer is not enough. Finding the time to focus on yourself can seem impossible at times but it is the best investment you could make right now.
You have one body, one mind, and only one chance to make it the best that it can be. Everyone knows about the benefits of exercise and good nutrition so why do so many of us choose to ignore it? Why aren’t we making time for ourselves every single day.
It’s not easy putting yourself first. Especially when so many people rely on. Whether its work, children, family, friends. There’s always something that seems to get in the way. Sometimes, you need to become a priority.
woman girl silhouette jogger
Exercise is natural anti-depressant. Taking care of your body and your mind improves productivity, extends your life, and makes you a happier person. These benefits aren’t just for yourself but stretch to those around you as well. It’s a win win.
Even taking an hour out of your day, to do a bit of exercise or spend some time working on your mind. It’s important to treat your body right.
Those hours you spend in front of the TV or looking through Facebook could be changed into something much ore productive and good for you. Make it constant and a commitment to yourself. Don’t just visit the gym once a month. Get a personalised plan, make it worthwhile for you and your body. When the benefits start to show, you won’t want them to stop.
Don’t know where to start? Lux Wellbeing offers personal training sessions, diet plans and online home work out videos. What ever suits you, we can help. Start planning your me-time asap.
Words contributed by: Kira Crabtree

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