#2 Self-Care: The Physical… 

Following on from our first post “What is Wellbeing” in our new weekly series, today we take a look at our physical care.

With the “on-the-go” culture and ever speedy pace of life, we need to take time to stop.

Pause for a minute… Or an hour!

Your body is not invincible – as amazing as that would be… it needs looking after, it needs to rest. No matter how many coffees you chug down you cannot keep going 24/7 at some point you will burn out and you really don’t want that!

To avoid physical exhaustion, try doing the following…

Check in with your body 

Just sit or lay down, close your eyes and breathe. Relax (try to at least – easier said than done) and see how your body feels. Do you notice any muscles holding tension, any aches or pains? – If so, does it always feel like that? Could it be due to stress, or bad posture habits? Take a self-administered body scan, head to toe. Identify any areas that may need some TLC!

You could book a relaxing massage, get your other half or a friend to cash in a favour, or even do it yourself! There are so many accessible and affordable massage tools that can really help to loosen up the muscles. Just a quick click on amazon and you’ll be loose and limber in no time! If the tension or ache is seriously painful it would be best to seek advice from a medical professional.

woman relaxing relax spa


For adults aged 18-65 it is recommended that to maintain good health a minimum of 30 minutes moderate intensity, endurance exercise 5 days per week or 20 minutes vigorous intensity, aerobic physical activity 3 days per week should be done. Do you achieve this?

If not, find an exercise routine that works for you. Set yourself weekly challenges to keep things fresh, don’t forget to switch things up. Try something new and exciting so you look forward to doing it and are therefore more likely to stick to it.

This is merely a guideline for the minimum amount, so you really want to be aiming for a target which surpasses these recommendations.

three women s doing exercises


Regular, balanced meals are a must! Your body relies on you to give it energy, don’t deprive it of the nutrients it needs by skipping meals.

Ever had one of those days when the alarm doesn’t go off and the rush to get out the house results in no breakfast? Or when the workload is so immense you end up working over lunch? These instances can be solved with two golden words… meal prep! Preparing your food for the day the night before may keep you from diving into bed after a long day that little bit longer, but you will save time the next day and have so much more energy for eating more consistently.

Water, water, water!

You want gorgeous glowing skin, right? Then keep a water bottle to hand always and ditch the energy drinks! While energy drinks may serve their purpose in providing energy, they are only a short-term solution. Staying hydrated is such a necessity. Since the body is constantly losing water, we need to replenish the stores with water. It is natural, pure and so, so good for you!

clean clear cold drink


Self-care is not a one-off check in point. The repetition of small daily checks and indulgences is good and so needed. The body needs time to recuperate, slow things down, take time to breathe, relax and reflect on yourself.

SLEEP! A good night’s sleep is so important for the healthy functioning of your body. Let it relax, let go, shut off and allow the internal regeneration to take place. Switch off your phone and put it on the other side of the room, out of view so you’re not tempted to get scrolling and keep yourself awake for longer than you need to be.

All in all, be kind to your body.

woman sleeping

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Words contributed by: Julia Jordan 

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