A Filter On Beauty

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The hourglass has become the gold standard by which to judge our physical appearance, from which we can ‘determine’ our value (insert rolling eyes). With a continuous feed of images from social media and magazines of celebrities and influencer’s celebrating meeting the conventionally attractive criteria, our definition of beauty has never been more specific and narrow.

But can beauty really be whittled down to a very limited list of physical characteristics that’s method of attainment is unknown and unrealistic? No, it cannot because not only is this ‘beauty’ unattainable, but it is also not necessarily beauty. Beauty goes beyond the body and any body ideal.

Beauty is something so much more holistic and personal than an image on Instagram or a photograph in the magazines. It is a feeling from within yourself and how others feel when they are around you. Beauty cannot be defined by how you look but who you are. It comes out of the actions we do and the positive effect we have on ourselves and the people surrounding us. Beauty can be seen as emitting a positive energy.

Real beauty does not need approval from followers with a like. It is your happiness, feeling good in your own skin, appreciating all of you and your growth as you age.  The images the media prescribes to us as beautiful are only physical and as we all know, physical features age and sag over time. These images fed to us by the media are just shallow realms of societies made up ideals of physical beauty. These fickle presentations of beauty are constantly changing and are in no way a point to measure one’s self worth or beauty. In fact, true beauty belongs to any shape and size, any face and race and ability, disability or gender. The definition of beauty is much, much more than an Instagram filter.

Words Contributed by: Shoshana Rees, Blogger @ Feeding Self Esteem




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