#3 Self-Care: The Mental…

This is number three in our new weekly series of insights into well-being. Here we discuss mental self-care. The need to keep the mind strong and focused amongst all that life throws at us. Take a look…

As mentioned in our previous post, modern life does not stop moving! It is a continuous loop of increasing workloads, constant social media notifications (sorry to add to the load), trying to grasp some sort of social life and making time for health and fitness. Your time is being spread so thin that little is left over for you. No wonder self-care is becoming such a buzz word everybody is so close to / already is burning out.

Often, millennial’s are perceived to be over dramatic calling ‘meltdown’ every other week. Perhaps they are not over exaggerating so much as they are voicing their inability to cope with the stresses of daily life? Yes they may just be moaning about nothing but maybe they are trying to ask for help? This is something a lot of us could learn from, this openness with how they are feeling mentally, as oppose to holding everything in until everything is too much.  Measures need to be put in place to diffuse and reduce the likelihood of further breakdowns before they get to that mentally and physically drained breaking point.  Obviously, that is easier said than done when these stresses are coming at you from all directions. But, like most things, take it one step at a time.

alone man person sadness

Recognise, prioritise, organise!

  • Recognise all the factors contributing to your brain overload.
  • Prioritise them into a list of urgency
  • Organise a schedule to complete them, sort them out, confront them… whatever the task / issue may be, make a timetable to break it all down

With this the confusion can become more manageable and slightly less stressful to try and comprehend.  It also feels great to cross things off seeing the load and lighten one by one!

Try to find ways of coping that can work for you so that you can find the time to care for your mental health. Time to read more, learn new skills you never thought of trying, play brain games, have time away from your phone away from the pressures of social media. Tap out of the online world and focus on your physical presence, what are you thinking, feeling, wanting? Talk to someone.  Tell someone and try to vocalise and articulate what those things are so that you understand them and to better understand yourself.  This might help you to realise what it is that you need to be doing moving forward, in order to manage all the stresses and pressures that were preventing you from having that much needed time for self-reflection and evaluation.

Have a look at mind.org for great, detailed resources for different methods to maintain and care for your mental health.

Remember it is ok to say no. As much as we’d like to think we are super human, we are not and we cannot do everything. There comes a time when we become overloaded and it will take its toll. Pay attention to your own thoughts and feelings. Do not neglect yourself for the sake of everything else. If you look after yourself and are calm and happy, that energy will radiate to the environment and people surrounding you.

Invest time in yourself, so you are able to be happier, less stressed and in a better place to provide for / help others in the way that you want to.

Next week: #4 Self Care – The Emotional

Words contributed by: Julia Jordan 


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