The Rainbow Food Diet

This is my diet.  This is the diet I swear by.  This diet is not a “diet” it is merely what I eat happily every day.  No constrictions, no denying myself anything and getting full enjoyment out of the food I eat.  I also love the idea of eating a rainbow!


I’ve been there when I was younger, “dieting” I mean.  I thought that in order to be attractive I needed to be skinny. I’d restrict my food in take which would result in me binge eating all kinds of crap. I’d not eat for hours and save my calories for drinking alcohol. It’s safe to say I had a messed up attitude towards food and eating when I was younger.  However, as I’ve gotten older and grown out of this unhealthy way of thinking I’ve learned something, life is not about restrictions and limitations.  Moderation is the answer.  Furthermore, the rainbow diet is the happiest way you can possibly eat and it will make you feel and look good.

So what is The Rainbow Food Diet?  This means eating colourful and beautiful food daily.  It is eating a wide range of vegetables, fruits, proteins and fats.  Rainbow food is unprocessed, natural and wholesome.  There are no fads, there are no restrictions.  Processed food is allowed in moderation, even wine and chocolate is allowed within reason!  80% of the time you eat well and 20% of the time you allow yourself to have the kettle chips.  I know from personal experience that if I ate burgers everyday I would feel like crap and I enjoy eating brightly coloured foods full of fresh greens, bright fruits and tropical colours.  This is food that when I look at it, it makes me happy.  Rainbow food makes me feel good after eating it. It is full of nutritious vitamins and minerals that I know is doing my body good.

All those tales your mum would tell you when you were little about carrots making you see in the dark and spinach making you stronger, technically they are all true in some way.  Carrots do improve your eye site  because they contain beta-carotene which nourishes the eyes and spinach contains nitrates that help our muscles to contract.  It is vitally important that we feed our body with beautiful fresh root vegetables, summer fruits and winter berries so that we are healthy and strong.  Alongside this we need to get our fats and proteins from a variety of different sources such as fresh fish or organic meats, soft avocados, coconut oil and olives.  Thing bright, think fresh, think rainbow colours.


A rainbow food diet includes a vast range of raw and cooked vegetables.  The basis of The Rainbow Food Diet is – always fill your plate with colour!

Here is an example meal plan for a day of eating on The Rainbow Food Diet:


Coffee/Tea with milk of any variety or not up to you (no sugar or sweetner though)

FRUIT!!! Strawberries (5), raspberries (small handful), blueberries (small handful), pomegranate seeds (a couple of tablespoons). 2-3 tablespoons of 0% fat Greek yogurt. A teaspoon of mixed seeds. A small handful of granola (as a topping). A touch of honey if you wish, or not.


Morning Snack:

Latte or banana or humus with cucumber sticks or carrot sticks.


Huge plate of raw spinach, a handful of rocket or any other kind of leafy greens.  Drizzle a touch of dressing over the salad maybe balsamic glaze or any other kind you might like, just a little though.  Add an oven roasted salmon fillet (just place on tin foil in the oven for 20 mins). Perfecto!  Feel free to add more veg to your salad i.e. baby tomatoes, half an avocado, raw mushrooms etc…

brown fish fillet on white ceramic plate

Afternoon Snack:

A rice cake with peanut butter (whole nut), maybe marmite. What about an apple?  Or more humus and crudites?


2/1 whole egg omelette and one egg white. Throw in all the veg you have. Courgettes, onion, peppers maybe spinach again!


A baked sweet potato with low fat cottage cheese and spring onions. Yum!

The dinners and lunches can be swapped around and of course drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Go eat a rainbow (not skittles) – you will enjoy it I promise!

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