The Rainbow Food Diet

This is my diet.  This is the diet I swear by.  This diet is not a “diet” it is merely what I eat happily every day.  No constrictions, no denying myself anything and getting full enjoyment out of the food I eat.  I also love the idea of eating a rainbow! I’ve been there when … Continue reading The Rainbow Food Diet

A Filter On Beauty

The hourglass has become the gold standard by which to judge our physical appearance, from which we can ‘determine’ our value (insert rolling eyes). With a continuous feed of images from social media and magazines of celebrities and influencer’s celebrating meeting the conventionally attractive criteria, our definition of beauty has never been more specific and … Continue reading A Filter On Beauty


Instagram capitalised on our strongest sense, vision, it is therefore, little surprise that this social media enterprise has been such a huge success. Its popularity has caught the attention of many business’s looking to increase the reach and strength of their product promotions. What started out as a niche app for amateur and professional photographers … Continue reading #instamood