#4. Self-Care: The Emotional…

Welcome to the fourth instalment of our “What is Wellbeing” thread. This week we are looking into emotional self-care. Acknowledging the importance of being open to emotions. Open to feeling them, being aware of them, expressing them and assessing how we deal with them for the sake of our emotional health and state of mind. … Continue reading #4. Self-Care: The Emotional…

The early bird catches the worm: How to become a ‘morning person’ and make the most out of your day

It’s no secret that the most successful people claim to be early birds, up at the crack of dawn and completing most of their daily tasks before mid day. Becoming a morning person can seem impossible at times, but here are some top tips for getting up early and starting your day off in the … Continue reading The early bird catches the worm: How to become a ‘morning person’ and make the most out of your day

The Rainbow Food Diet

This is my diet.  This is the diet I swear by.  This diet is not a “diet” it is merely what I eat happily every day.  No constrictions, no denying myself anything and getting full enjoyment out of the food I eat.  I also love the idea of eating a rainbow! I’ve been there when … Continue reading The Rainbow Food Diet

#2 Self-Care: The Physical… 

Following on from our first post “What is Wellbeing” in our new weekly series, today we take a look at our physical care. With the “on-the-go” culture and ever speedy pace of life, we need to take time to stop. Pause for a minute… Or an hour! Your body is not invincible – as amazing … Continue reading #2 Self-Care: The Physical… 

Motivational Monday: Invest in Yourself

How much time do you invest into your own health and wellbeing? I’m sure the answer is not enough. Finding the time to focus on yourself can seem impossible at times but it is the best investment you could make right now. You have one body, one mind, and only one chance to make it … Continue reading Motivational Monday: Invest in Yourself


Instagram capitalised on our strongest sense, vision, it is therefore, little surprise that this social media enterprise has been such a huge success. Its popularity has caught the attention of many business’s looking to increase the reach and strength of their product promotions. What started out as a niche app for amateur and professional photographers … Continue reading #instamood

#1 What is Wellbeing?

This is the first in a series of discussions looking at wellbeing, what it means to be well and how to achieve it. Here we will delve into the many avenues that together assist in the attainment of wellness and for lack of a less cheesy phrase… indulge in the journey to getting there.