Luxe Wellbeing is dedicated to inspiring healthy, happy, higher living. I provide one to one Personal Training & Health & Lifestyle coaching in London.  Each personalised session will focus on improving your individual fitness, wellbeing and body goals.

I am a fully qualified REPS Advanced Level 4 Personal Trainer who specialises in making women feel good about their bodies and themselves.  By setting believable goals with achievable results I will guide you on a path to feeling body confident.  I create bespoke programs that are unique for each client, coupled with nutritional advice and ongoing motivation and encouragement.  Sessions are 1 hour long and are held in the parks in Woodbridge (home visits can be arranged, please contact me for more details)

For every client who is interested in Personal Training with Luxe Wellbeing  I offer an initial 45 minute Health & Lifestyle Consultation for £15. During the consultation we will assess your overall health and wellbeing and construct an effective Personal Training program, acknowledging your fitness and body goals.

For an empathetic and approachable method to fitness and health join Luxe Wellbeing on the road to feeling body confident and beautiful.  My energetic one to one sessions will not only improve your health and fitness but also uplift your spirits and generally make you feel good about yourself.  Staying fit will become natural to you, and with ongoing results you’ll want to make changes to your health & wellbeing for life.