Lux Wellbeing is a luxury mobile personal training service which means we come to you in your home!  Our recommendation for mums is to book your personal training sessions during your little ones nap time, nursery, school or when a significant other can take care of them i.e. a nanny or close family member.  If you have a tiny baby we suggest keeping a baby monitor outside with us while we train, this works very well and if they do wake up they are of course allowed to join us and even become a participant(!).

We will provide the equipment for the initial sessions, however, as you increase your fitness you may want to invest in some heavier weights to continue your progress.

Each personal training session will be adapted for you and your specific needs, taking into account how you delivered your baby and how long ago this was.  For new mums you can begin exercising with sign off from your GP at around 6 weeks postpartum.  If you gave birth via C-Section, you must wait for sign off from your GP, usually at around 12 weeks postpartum.

The Post Natal Personal Training Packages are to be completed as per the number of sessions per week within 6 weeks from booking.  Before booking your post natal package, please consider the amount of time you can realistically dedicate to improving your health and fitness.  If you truly want to see a difference in your body and your energy levels then consistency is key.  You are more likely to achieve the results you want if you are fully invested in your goals.

5 Personal Training Sessions (1 per week) – £350.00

10 Personal Training Sessions (2 per week) – £600.00

15 Personal Training Sessions ( 3 per week – recommended) – £825.00

Terms & Conditions

All post natal personal training packages have an expiry date of 6 weeks from date of purchase.  24 hours notice must be given if you need to defer your session.  If you are taking holidays during your post natal personal training package please give your personal trainer prior notice.




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